Audio Ninja

Audio Ninja mobile game

Audio Ninja is a fun rhythm title that puts you in control of Ninjipu, a young ninja who is having trouble finding his own path. But when he is given an awesome pair of headphones by Bill Merchanto, a mysterious man from the future, he gains the power to defeat his enemies by following the rhythm.

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Sleep Walkers Journey

Sleep Walkers Journey game

Sleep Walker's Journey is an intriguing title as it is both whimsical and literal at the same time. This game is all about manipulating the various elements in the stage in order to keep the lead character alive. Pull ledges, push barriers, tug at cables, cut up ropes, trigger fans, and basically interact with a vast variety of objects in order to safely escort your character to the end of the stage.

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Tetris - Still Addictive After So Many Years

tetris hd mobile game

There are literally thousands of brick-match-falling-object-line-up-color games out there on the market that finding one to play becomes a matter of just choosing something randomly. Of course, that does not spare you from the pain of having to acquire a bunch of badly made titles with clumsy game engines. Sometimes, the best solution when selecting a game is sticking to something that has withstood the test of time, and in this genre, Tetris is still the undisputed king of the hill. Arranging falling blocks of random shapes to form a solid line may seem a mundane task, but as a video game, it is surprisingly challenging and addictive to play.

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Spell Sword's Non-Stop Monster Bashing is Perfect for Quick Gaming

Spell Sword game

What makes Spell Sword one of our favorite mobile games? The time factor! You can play Spell Sword for hours on end or just for a few minutes -so it does not matter if you are planning to game for an entire afternoon or just trying to fill in a few minutes of waiting in line, this game will keep you satisfied. It has nice visuals, easy to use controls, and a gameplay that is both solid and fun. Sure, it is not perfect and there are things about it that we would like to see in later installments, but for the most part it is a game that is naturally fun to play.

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