Avengers Initiative Mobile Review

Platform: iPhone - iPad - Android

Hulk Goes Wild in Avengers: Initiative App for iPhone

Avengers Initiative

Set in between the events of the first and upcoming Avengers movie sequel, Avengers: Initiative gives fans of the series a quick look at the Marvel Cinematic universe off the big screen. Taking the spotlight is Bruce Banner's all powerful alter ego, the Hulk (who has been quite the fan favorite after the first movie).

As the gamma irradiated world breaker, you take on various Marvel supervillains who have escaped from the Vault (which functions as SHIELD's specialized bad-guy prison). The fights are thoroughly engaging, the character models are spot on, and the overall approach of the gameplay allows you to feel as if you were in the Hulk's shoes (or rather, pants).

Avengers Initiative: Hulk Smash

"Hulk Smash!" is probably our favorite Marvel quote, and the Avengers movie certainly helped make that even more memorable (with Captain America giving the order), and now, you get to live it in the Avengers App. Of course, there was a previous Playstation 2 and Xbox game (Hulk: Ultimate Destruction) that allowed you to play as Hulk in an open world scenario, but in Initiative, you get to experience the awesomeness of a one-on-one brawl. Avengers: Initiative's first episode pits Hulk against some of the massive villains of the Marvel universe, from Wendigo to the Abomination, you get a close up, in-your-face, slugfest like never before.

All New Game

Avengers Initiative: Stunning Visuals

From the initial SHIELD briefings right till you face down your first target, this game is overflowing with solid composition. The user interface is smooth, stylized, and intuitive. The character models are finely detailed, the animations are incredibly smooth (and fun to watch), the controls are surprisingly responsive for a touch screen, the voice acting is top-notch (the voices sound so fitting for the characters -possibly even better than the animated ones on TV), and the gameplay is nothing short of astounding.

Avengers Initiative: Fighting Action

Of course, the core gameplay mechanics of Initiative are based heavily on the Infinity Blade fighting games for the iOS -which is not a bad thing since Infinity Blade's control system allows for a fighting game to work well with touch screen controls. As opposed to having to simulate a joystick and buttons on-screen (which is not responsive at all); it's a great thing that the folks behind Avengers: Initiative did with the controls, and instead of just copying an existing system straight out, they added their own innovations by adding more functionality in terms of dodging, blocking, and performing special moves.

One Part at a Time

This game is episodic, which means that the Hulk storyline is just one part of it all (the intro does show all four of the major Avengers members). And just recently, Captain America scenario has been released, allowing you to fight an all new set of villains as the star spangled super soldier. Taskmaster also appears in his story as a special rival, so expect some furiously fun and challenging fights ahead.

Surprisingly, Avengers Initiative which can also be downloaded on Android is already worth obtaining as early as the first episode with Hulk -the gameplay alone is addictive. Add in the fact that you get to see a cool in-between movies storyline and the result is nothing short of spectacular.