Captain America Sentinel of Liberty Mobile Review

Platform: iPhone - iPad - Android

Stars and Stripes! Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty on the iOS

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is the first game on the iOS that focuses on Steve Rogers. The game is set in his early years as the Captain -decades before the events of the Avengers and pits him against the forces of Hydra. The game combines running mechanics and a simplified combat to bring the all-American hero to life -which is quite fitting of his abilities. Too bad the game lacks plenty of detail and content to provide a deep gaming experience. Instead we get a nice little made-for-fans app that will be good fun for at least a couple of games.

Control clumsiness is the main culprit here, which is a shame since Captain America's fighting prowess is more about tactical punches and a ricocheting shield than it is a mad brawl. Maybe it's the touch screen input, or maybe it is the lack of button controls -either way, the game fails to provide responsive controls, much less a smooth transition between the character animations. That aside, the game is still quite playable -you could just pretend that this is one of Steve's first missions and he is still getting the hang of things.

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty: Kicking Action

Art wise, there is no denying the fact that watching the animated comic panels that appear in between chapters is fun. Though it could use some dialogue -either some subtitles or word balloons; which will help fill in the story, as opposed to guessing what pantomime the characters are playing at. That being said, Captain America's in-game voice clips sound pretty solid, and we truly wish there was more of that in the game itself.

Overall, Sentinel of Liberty is a game most definitely made for the fans. If you liked the Marvel movies and appreciated the idea of a human being enhanced to his maximum potential running around beating up the bad guys, then this game should be easy to take in. Those who would want something a little more precise might want to consider the non-comic based alternative runner: Mirror's Edge (it all boils down to the type of experience you prefer). That said, Captain America's first major gig on the iOS is a definite must try. If the movies do well (which is quite likely), we can expect a sequel to this game. And with additional gameplay polish, better graphics, and more content, it will certainly be something to look forward to.