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Avengers Initiative

Avengers Initiative mobile game

Set in between the events of the first and upcoming Avengers movie sequel, Avengers: Initiative gives fans of the series a quick look at the Marvel Cinematic universe off the big screen. Taking the spotlight is Bruce Banner's all powerful alter ego, the Hulk (who has been quite the fan favorite after the first movie).

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Captain America Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty mobile game

Steve Rogers is undoubtedly one of the least appreciate superheroes of his time. Thanks to the power of the super soldier serum, this once frail and weak army recruit has been able to tap into the ultimate limits of human physiology. But as awesome as that sounds, he is hardly as flashy or memorable as Tony Stark's technologically advanced suits or Thor's demigod powers. So why is Cap such a critical member of the Avengers? Because the man is a natural born leader, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he also has what it takes to keep everyone in check.

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Injustice Gods Amoung Us

Injustice Gods Amoung Us mobile game

DC Comics, WB games, and Netherrealm Studios have brought the amazing world of DC Comics to the gaming industry with a whole new perspective: what would happen when the heroes decide to take over? In this game, Superman falls victim to Joker's plot and his entire psyche is unraveled, corrupted, and twisted to the point where he decides to take control of chaos in the world.

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