Injustice Gods Amoung Us Mobile Review

Platform: iPhone - iPad - Android

Superhero App Games Don't Get Any Better Than Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Amoung Us

The story in Injustice Gods Amoung Us takes plenty of inspiration from the "Justice Lords" scenario, but also has plenty of elements from other major DC comics' events. Of course, the real story begins when the heroes of the main continuity are warped to the Injustice dimension and they must now fight their "other versions".

The game is present for the iOS -and it is completely different from the full fledged fighting games available for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. The big reason -aside from the hardware differences, stems heavily from the fact that touch screen controls do not lend themselves well to conventional fighting game controls of directional movements and attack buttons.

Injustice Gods Amoung Us: Take the Fight to Your Opponent

Instead, the touch screen fighting game app relies on a system of predetermined basic attacks, blocking, and special moves -all of which as easily triggered by performing gestures on the screen. Movements and freestyle combos have been taken out (as well as the wager system -sadly), but the end result is nothing short of intuitive, immersive, and impressive. While the visual approach and overall feel is very much attuned to that of conventional games in the fighting genre, the unique controls for this app are certainly deserving of acclaim.

Injustice Gods Amoung Us: Next Generation Graphics

The roster of characters for Injustice is nothing short of impressive. From all the main figureheads of the Justice League and plenty of well-picked villains from DC's iconic roster of rogues, the game's preset characters will truly delight fans of the comics. The dynamic number of choices however, does not end there. The regular hero version of Batman is different from his Injustice counterpart (visually and control-wise), and that same concept applies to the other characters (heroes and villains alike).

There is also a ton of additional costume variations sourced from major DC variations of the characters (Red Son, New-52, and others). Oh, and not to forget the fact that the developers also update the game with additional characters such as Lobo, Batgirl, and General Zod.

Did we mention that you can Download Injustice Gods Among Us for free because it is and while this may seem like a warning flag for some players, do not worry. The game's overall feel and grind curve is indeed geared towards encouraging players towards tossing a bit of cash towards IAPs but you can actually play the game without having to spend a single cent (though buying a small credit stash to support the developers is not such a bad idea).

Overall, we highly recommend this game to everyone, just be sure to free up a bit of space on your device as the game has a pretty big install file (for good reason at least; the level of graphical detail on the game is nothing short of outstandingly good).